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4 Tips To Improve Click Through Rates In Your HubSpot Sequences

Michael Thebeau
August 16, 2019

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Automation is the way of the future in almost every industry. In sales and marketing, email automation is vital as it allows you to reach the masses, and become more efficient in your outreach. However, reaching the masses does you no good if your emails don't get responses or clicks. So as you create or amend your HubSpot sequences, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Review the analytics

As you begin to build out automation sequences, keep a close eye on your analytics. If your email gets 50% open rate (sounds nice), and 40% click through rate, you seem to have created a great email that is working for you really well. However if you're getting 5% open rate and 0.18% click through, then it's time to change things up.

If you're prospecting and finding hundreds of people to put into email sequences, but they aren't getting back to you, check those analytics and see where things are falling off. See where people are unsubscribing, or stopped opening, etc. in each of your sequences. Take a look at the font, the messaging, the length, the subject line, etc. and figure out how to make it more inviting, more engaging, more intriguing, and ultimately more clickable.

2. Include video

Video is more engaging than text. Period.

If someone sends me an email that is longer than two paragraphs, I'm going to skim it. If someone I don't know sends me an email that is longer than two paragraphs, I'm going to delete it. If I'm being honest I just don't want to take the time to read that much.

So, by sending a video in your email, you've now caught my attention. You've sent me something digestible and engaging. For you and your sales or marketing team, take a few minutes to download a free video email application, like Vidyard, and start sending videos rather than text. It also has a native integration with HubSpot!

3. Include and revise your calls-to-action

Without a great call-to-action, what's the point of the email?

While it may seem juvenile, people are still drawn toward the bright shiny button. Rather than just having an open ended email with no clear next step, include a call-to-action and more importantly, include a call-to-action with an action verb. Send your recipient to a meeting link, your website, a great article, your blog, etc. If you can keep them intrigued, or provide a ton of value, that is going to help you stand out, and make sure they need to click through or respond.

4. Personalization tokens

Automation doesn't mean that you can't send a personal email.

If you're using an automation software, it likely has some personalization tokens to help you speak one to one with your recipient. Be sure to use these tokens to the best of your ability.

Add their name, their website, their company name, etc. Whatever is pertinent, use it. The less an email feels like a blanket statement that was sent to hundreds of people, the higher opportunity for engagement.

Automation is changing our lives every single day. We all have a million things going on and if we can create automation to support our manual efforts, that is when we become as effective as possible. For us at HIVE, that means automating as much as possible without losing a personal touch. We do this through extensive HubSpot sequences. Are you getting the most out of your HubSpot sequences (or your other sales, marketing, or service tools)? Let our team run a HubSpot Audit and help you identify opportunities for growth!HubSpot Audit Button