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We're a Business On Tapp Flash Mob Finalist!

We've been selected as a Business On Tapp Flash Mob Finalist!

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Facebook Events get a makeover

An astounding number of people utilize Facebook Events for anything from Pampered Chef parties to Birthday Parties, Concerts and more! Now you'll have the ability to promote them better, see realtime data, and promote them to mobile users! Here is more information from Facebook...

For Page Owners, New Tools to Promote Facebook Events

Every month, 400 million people around the world use events on Facebook to discover and connect with everything from parties with friends to things happening in their communities. And nearly 30% of all the events people connect to — like concerts, community events and special nights at bars and restaurants — are created by Pages.
Giving events a boost
To make it easier for businesses to reach even more people for their events, we’re announcing new features that help Pages promote their events and see how they’re performing.
In the coming weeks, Pages will be able to create ads for desktop and mobile News Feed that boost awareness of events and drive responses. Previously, these types of ads were only shown in the right-hand column on desktop.
Here’s how the new event ad will look:
Page owners around the world will be able to create event response ads in both the Ad Create tool and Power Editor.
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Upcoming Foursquare Changes

Have you received your notification from Foursquare about their rebranding and upcoming changes? If not here's the deal...

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Why Social Media is overlooked WAY too often...

It’s been amazing looking at so many different Social Media profiles and pages every single day. Some are great, some are not so great, and some don’t even exist. As a Social Media Expert and Marketing Professional, I am constantly looking at ways to improve my client’s Social Media Presence and the presence of my own as well. There are new tricks coming out all the time and new ways to capitalize on your target market.

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