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Creating A Holiday HubSpot Chatbot

Creating A Holiday HubSpot Chatbot

Dustin Brackett
December 7, 2020

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The holiday season is finally upon us. After the 853 months so far in 2020 (or maybe it just feels like that many), we're finally in the last month of the weirdest year on record. The good news is, it's also the happiest month of the year! 

I don't know about you, but I look forward to December every year. It's all the lights, gift giving, food, family, friends, and general cheer that surrounds this month that gets me excited. For a lot of businesses though, the thing that really makes them excited about this time of the year is sales. And with 2020 shutting down so much of our in-person activities (like shopping), we are sure to see a gigantic uptick in online shopping this holiday season.  In fact, online sales are expected to spike 25% - 35% this holiday season and reach up to nearly $200 billion! That's why it's time to add a holiday HubSpot chatbot to make your user experience exceptional.

We have talked a lot in the past about HubSpot chatbots and we love them more and more each day. There is a seemingly endless number of uses for a chatbot and today, we're getting our bots in the holiday spirit. 

Lets dive into how a holiday chatbot can increase user experience, make your website more memorable, and - most importantly - increase sales.

Add Some Extra Holiday Cheer 

Everyone loves a festive robot, right? 🤖🎄

For the holidays, give your chatbot some new gear. Add a Santa hat, some snow, or maybe a reindeer in the background. Giving your HubSpot chatbot a little bit of an extra holiday design will draw more attention to it and help you to start more conversations through the chatbot. I mean honestly, who wouldn't want to chat with one of these guys?

Bee Bot XMasRed Bot XMaspsdGreen Bot XMas

Help With Sizing

Does anyone else get anxious any time you purchase clothes online? I definitely do. And for whatever reason, it seems like online retails don't make it very easy to understand what size you should get (or to even find the sizing information).

By adding sizing support to your chatbot, you can answer everyone's (yes, everyone's) first question - "what size should I get." While you may have multiple products, lines, or styles, you can create options within your chatbot to guide your user to the right information or you can even create a custom chatbot specific to a single product, line, or style.

Share Return & Exchange Policies

The next question that everyone is thinking is, "well, what if they don't like it?" Go ahead and put that information front and center as well! Create an option in your chatbot to explain your return policy and exchange policy to your users. They'll appreciate you being upfront about it and this will eliminate a ton of friction in your sales process.

Eliminating friction is the key to getting the most you can of that $200 billion dollar pie.

Fun Holiday Themed Options

We like to have some fun with our chatbots. One of our favorite (and most popular) options we've ever had in a chatbot was an option for "Dad Jokes". No, I'm not kidding.

Who doesn't love a good dad joke? We sure do and it also gave us a way to interact with our users in a fun and memorable way.

Adding some fun holiday options to your chatbot that don't necessarily have to do with your business or products can be an interesting and memorable way to get your user to smile. 

Maybe create a Naughty or Nice option where you tell the user if they're on Santa's Naughty List or his Nice List. We all love those fun little extra elements and your users will appreciate it.

Specials & Discounts While Increasing Your Database

Everyone is looking for a deal this time of year. We all have far too many gifts to buy and if we can save a few bucks here or there, we're going to do it. So utilizing your chatbot to grow your database while providing a discount code can be a great win-win for everyone.

You get a new contact that you can market to all year long and they get a small discount to purchase your products.


Taking the time to think through all of the ways that your business can utilize a HubSpot chatbot can mean the difference between a good holiday season and the best one your business has ever had. Interested in leveraging your HubSpot portal to increase sales this holiday season? Let's chat! We're offering two weeks absolutely free with HIVE Hub!