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HubSpot Deals: How to Make Them Work for Your Company

Michael Thebeau
November 18, 2019

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If you're exploring CRM's for your company, or just looking to take more control of your current CRM, then you're going to want to look past the basic features. All CRM's aim to do the same thing, and for the most part, they can handle those basic features without issue. 

However, Where CRM's really separate themselves is the additional functionality. This is where HubSpot Deals is able two outshine the competition in two key ways. 

1) Automation

Automation is a savior for all businesses. It allows you to work more efficiently and effectively, while taking a variety of tasks off your plate. HubSpot Deals excels in this area. 

For example, if someone fills out a form on your website, saying they are interested in seeing more content, signing up for your newsletter, or requesting a meeting, HubSpot Deals will automatically capture that contact information into your CRM, rather than you manually creating the new contact. That's a nice feature, however the automation component really starts to show its value through its capacity to nurture these contacts based on lead scoring or deal staging.

Not all contacts are created the same, and thus they should not all be treated the same. If someone has filled out a product form, the next actions you take should be to follow up by initiating contact, then move toward lead nurturing. With HubSpot Deals, you have the ability to set up workflows to send relevant content based on where your contact is at in their sales cycle. This is essential to ensure you're offering the best service while preventing contacts or potential clients from slipping through the cracks. This allows you to provide educational content about your company, helping to build your credibility as a trusted authority within your industry. When a contact is finally ready to speak in more detail, you have already built an invaluable amount of trust.

2) Customization

Your business doesn't operate the same as the business next door. Even in the same industry, your values and priorities are going to be different than your competition. This is why customization is crucial in your CRM, and something that is surprisingly not offered by all.

With the customization options offered by HubSpot Deals, you are able to create pipelines that will be pertinent per seasonality, vertical, department, etc. You can build automation based on pipeline stages to identify and target the unique needs of your individual contacts for maximum effect.

Beyond providing world-class service to your contacts and customers, automation also helps reduce the amount of time your team spends inputting this information. For management, this means increased productivity and the ability to redploy team members to more high-value tasks, without detracting from the customer or contact experience. 

HubSpot Deals is more than a pipeline. It's more than a CRM. It's a tool built to help your business - seriously, your business. So, take a look. Test out some of the features and see how you can make HubSpot Deals work for you!

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