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Podcasting for Business with Ben Baker of Your Brand Marketing

There are so many mediums that you can take advantage of when you are ready to market your business, but for some reason podcasting always seems to be forgotten. Regardless of your industry, podcasting can create a lot of exposure and as Ben Baker of Your Brand Marketing explains in this episode of the Gettin' Buzz'd Podcast, it can be so much more than just the 15 or 30 minutes of audio for your business.

Check out the full podcast below or read through the transcription! If you're interested in being a guest on the Gettin' Buzz'd Podcast, let's chat!


Now, we are now recording and, you know, I'll just send you guys the entire video and audio file deck and you guys can do the voodoo that you do so well. That's perfect. Thank you. Great. 


[00:00:13.910] - Dustin Brackett

Hey, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of Getting Buzz'd. I'm Dustin Brackett, CEO and Founder of HIVE Digital Strategy. And with me, as always, is Michael Thebeau. He's our Business Development Manager. Today, we actually have a special guest. We have Ben Baker from Your Brand Marketing. He's out of Vancouver, Canada. And we're going to be talking about podcasting. And you know, what kind of impact podcasting have on your business and why is it important? But before we do that, the most fun part of the whole thing is day drinking. So we are actually drinking 1985 IPA. It's a Voodoo Ranger IPA from New Belgium. We just discovered today that New Belgium has multiple varieties of Voodoo Ranger. 100 different voodoos. So we're getting our voodoo on over here. 


[00:01:07.410] - Ben Baker

 Well you guys get to do the voodoo that you do so well. That's what it's all about. But you know, it's Ben Baker. I had to get a local beer, you know. So this is Pacific Pilsner, right, for the Pacific Northwest, right from Vancouver, one of our local microbrewers. And you know, it's a lot of fun. It's you know, it's edgy. It's like me. And we have a lot of fun with it. 


[00:01:29.760] - Dustin Brackett

There you go. What's the beer scene look like up in Vancouver?


[00:01:33.570] - Ben Baker

You know what? We are really a good microbrewery area. Know there is more microbreweries than you can shake a stick at. There's probably close to 40 or 50 of them within B.C. that I can think of just off the top of my head. And each one is different. Each one is different. Each one is unique. They have different ideas of what good beer is. And, you know, so you could just do a tour of British Columbia, just drinking beer. It's it's a beautiful thing. 


[00:02:09.070] - Dustin Brackett

Yeah. That's kind of how Denver is. I feel like every corner has a new brewery popping up every week. And, you know, Michael's kind of a foodie or that kind of person. 


[00:02:21.360] - Michael Thebeau

I thought you were going to say alcoholic. 


[00:02:22.390] - Dustin Brackett

Yeah, I was trying to like nicely say that.


[00:02:25.890] - Ben Baker

But if you have food with your alcohol, it's OK. Right? 


[00:02:30.120] - Dustin Brackett

Then it's just like a night out. It's not like, you know, you're there just to be an alcoholic. 


[00:02:34.560] - Michael Thebeau

Just a liquid diet.


[00:02:35.500] - Dustin Brackett

Yeah, it's hops and barley sandwiches. Right, exactly. Yeah. Michael's always talking about like some new brewery or some new bar or whatever, like there's always like cool things that are coming up. So it's interesting to kind of hear about other beer scenes in different areas of the world.


[00:02:54.750] - Ben Baker



[00:02:56.020] - Michael Thebeau

I will say I absolutely love Vancouver and just B.C. in general. But next time I'm up there, I'll have to meet you out for one of these breweries that you can show us around.


[00:03:05.160] - Ben Baker

You know what there is. There's a lot of places with it, actually, within a couple of good walks of me. There's a couple of good microbreweries popping up and they're just awesome.


[00:03:15.000] - Michael Thebeau

Yeah, that's great. Well, perfect, Ben. So give us a little bit of background on you and Your Brand Marketing. What do you guys do?


[00:03:25.410] - Ben Baker

Cause trouble. 


[00:03:28.350] - Dustin Brackett

That's the word on the street. 


[00:03:29.760] - Ben Baker

Yeah. Well, you know, I started it, you know, I do my own PR, so this is a good thing. I've been in the communications game for about twenty five years now. We started off in direct mail about twenty five years ago, killed a lot of trees. We used to do a half million, million runs across North America.


[00:03:50.310] - Ben Baker

I used to do large runs for the grocery industry, for the casino industry, had a lot of fun with that. And we built programs based on how do we build engagement? How do we get people not only to open the envelope, but to engage with the envelope and compel people to move forward. And that was a lot of fun. But a lot of the challenge was the brands that I worked with didn't know their story. First of all, they said, OK, we need to do this tactic.


[00:04:21.480] - Ben Baker

Wait a second before we did the tactic, let's be able to tell your story. Let's build them, weave the story into a not only so that the external crowd knows it, but your internal crowd, your employees know it as well. So that way everybody's on board. Everybody knows what we're talking about. Everybody's excited about it. Everybody's engaged. Yeah. And we can build a marketing campaign or series of marketing campaigns that are relevant. So when people come and engage with the brand after the campaign, they're going, oh, yeah, this is what these people are all about.


[00:04:57.330] - Ben Baker

That's great. OK, so the campaign. Matches the brand and matches the overall story, and it really elevates it. It allows it to elevate. So I've been doing that, you know, in different avenues for twenty, twenty five years. I've been involved in promotional marketing. I've been involved with a trade show consulting, social media, direct mail, you know, large banner ads, you name it, because the company for a long time dealt with almost like a print broker type situation in its early days.


[00:05:31.170] - Ben Baker

I got involved in everything. So the neat thing was I got to learn it all. You know, there's not one thing that I did phenomenally, but I always built partnerships with people that did things really, really well and be able to sit there and say, OK, we need this. Let's go find the expert. Yeah. And it allowed me to learn. And that was that was the really neat thing. About 13 years ago, I went out on my own and Your Brand Marketing got started.


[00:05:58.950] - Ben Baker

I had a partner. He decided to go one way to the company. I decided to go another way with the company. And Your Brand Marketing was formed. And we've done a lot of work over the years. Our clients have been large business, large government, you know, industry. You know, we have some smaller clients as well. But mostly it was about how do we tell the story effectively, both internally and externally. And about three years ago, I seriously got into podcasting.


[00:06:30.240] - Ben Baker

I had been a host on podcasts for years, for years and years and years. People said, you know, can you be a guest on my podcast? I speak all over the world. And people said, can be our podcast. About three years ago, somebody said, you know what, Ben, you do this well. Start your own podcast. What do I know about podcasting? And I researched it. I talked to some people I know that are really, really good podcasters.


[00:06:56.190] - Ben Baker

I said, OK, if I'm going to get serious about this, forget the technology, forget the equipment. What do I need to know? I mean, the technology can buy. You can you know, I'm always upgrading lights. I'm always upgrading mics. I'm always upgrading all that kind of stuff. It changes and it's going to continue to change. But the best part about learning about podcasting is learning how to listen effectively, how to weave the story in.


[00:07:23.040] - Ben Baker

And how do you get your guests to tell their story in an effective way? Sure. It lets them shine. Yeah. And that's what the YourLivingBrand.Live show has been about for the last three years. You know, I don't know if people can see behind me, but it says, "What's Your Story?" And the first question I always ask my clients are and my guests are, what's your story? Because if you can get people talking about their story, about where did they come from, where are they today, where are they going, what were the challenges, what were the successes?


[00:07:53.520] - Ben Baker

What did they learn along the way? There's a million conversations you can have and they're all authentic. Right. And it's not contrived. And what it allows people to do is build up a content library. That they can use not only for the podcast itself, but across their social media platforms, that's the beautiful thing about what we do, is we give our guests and they pay for this - we give them 30 pieces of content with every show.


[00:08:25.780] - Ben Baker

So every client of ours comes on board, we do the pre-interview, we get to know them, we do the interview itself, they get a full show, we get the full VIP content. But the most important thing they get is they get 30 pieces of cut up curated pieces of content they can use on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube, on wherever, so they can continue to tell their story. Over and over and over again, that's the beautiful thing about podcasting.


[00:08:57.860] - Ben Baker

Yeah, and I think that's one of the mistakes that a lot of people make. Right. Like they start a podcast. Or they are a guest on a podcast or whatever. And then essentially as soon as that's published, they don't do anything else with it and it just sits out there. Hopefully people see it. Hopefully people listen. Hopefully people care. But there's no real campaign around it. Right?


[00:09:21.080] - Ben Baker

 Well, it's like your website, you know, you build a brand new website and you get all excited about it.


[00:09:28.130] - Ben Baker

And then you do nothing with it. And then four years down the road, you look at oh well, I've got to build a new website again. And you wonder why 95% of your traffic is original traffic, and five percent or three percent or one percent of your traffic is repeat traffic. Well, there's nothing new. There's nothing new for people to look at. You're not continuing to tell the story in different ways and engaging your audience and doing that.


[00:09:56.550] - Ben Baker

So if you're not doing the same thing with your podcast, if all you're doing is putting it out there once and saying, oh, OK, it's out there, thank you. You're not utilizing it. I mean, Gary Vaynerchuk takes us to the nth degree where on his birthday last year, I think he put out a hundred and sixty four page deck, if I remember correctly, on how to get one hundred pieces of content out of one piece of content.


[00:10:24.090] - Ben Baker

And that's taking it to the extreme. And if you've got if you've got 60, 80 people behind you that can do that. He does. Yeah, and he does. And he's a four hundred, five hundred million dollar company. He's got the budget to be able to do it and he's not staying up till 4:00 o'clock in the morning himself cutting and editing content. But the concept is right. The concept is you take one piece of material. And you cut it up into little pieces and part of it you're going to share on Instagram, and part of it you're going to share on Facebook, and part of it you're going to share on Twitter.


[00:11:02.010] - Ben Baker

And part of it might become a YouTube video and something might become an audio grab. Right. And therefore, you can sit there and extend the life of the story by telling it in its snippet, in its parts. And not only that, you can give it to your employees and they can share it across their mediums because it's branded, it's on message. You've already determined that it's valuable. So why not give it to them and let them share out with a thousand, five thousand, ten thousand, fifty thousand people.


[00:11:35.650] - Dustin Brackett

Right. Well, and so I think that's all those are all great points, but kind of taking a step back first, thinking about like a small or medium sized business. There aren't a lot of Gary Vaynerchuks out there. Right. Like they don't have these, like, giant teams behind them that he can just say, OK, we have this podcast, we turn it into one hundred pieces of content. What are some of the reasons I if somebody is looking at, OK, I have a finite amount of resources, I have a finite budget, whatever, why should I be looking towards podcasting?


[00:12:10.980] - Dustin Brackett

Like why should that be part of my marketing campaign? 


[00:12:15.480] - Ben Baker

I think because what it does is it allows you in an organic way to help somebody else tell your story for you. By having that host that tells your story for you, it's the difference between you telling everybody I'm a beautiful, wonderful person and somebody else say, hey, look at them, they're beautiful, wonderful people. Right. And having that third party help you tell your story and help you engage your audience and have a look from a third party viewpoint, there's more credibility.


[00:12:53.380] - Ben Baker

It's like why we look to Yelp, why we look to Glassdoor, why we looked at all these different places to sit there and say, you know, is this business credible? Should we trust them? We trust them because they're on somebody else's program. And those people are talking about them. 


[00:13:09.220] - Dustin Brackett

And somebody else has put their reputation up, right?


[00:13:10.630] - Ben Baker

Somebody, put their reputation to it. Somebody is willing to give them the microphone to be able to tell their story.


[00:13:19.540] - Ben Baker

And, you know, and you have to be careful. You have to make sure that it's done and not in a contrived way. You know. I hate podcasts that are. Here's your ten questions I'm going to ask you as a podcast host. And there's lots of them out there. There truly is. Or, send me the questions that you would like me to ask you and I'll ask you the question. OK, question number three, what is it like being a child in this city?


[00:13:48.070] - Ben Baker

Those become really contrived very quickly. They're not authentic. Nobody wants to listen to them. Nobody's going to share them. But when somebody sits there and says, and what do you think about that? And you can answer that question authentically. All of a sudden, people get a view into your soul, they get either into your personal soul or the soul of your company, and you give them reason to want to champion your brand because all of a sudden they have insights into you that they're not getting out of their way.


[00:14:22.430] - Ben Baker

You're not getting that in a magazine and you're not getting that in a, YouTube and maybe the YouTube post, but not in a LinkedIn post. You're not getting that. But when you can snippet and link people back to that full podcast where all of a sudden people said, oh, that was interesting. Oh, here's the full conversation. Oh, OK. Well, I'm either going to listen to the full conversation. Oh, they've done a full transcript of that podcast.


[00:14:49.460] - Ben Baker

That's awesome. I am deaf. I can actually read up on, you know, listen to a podcast, but I have a full transcription that I can look at. Sure. So there's all those different ways to engage different audiences across different mediums and invite them to the conversation. And you're right, small companies are going to do this in a small way. Coca-Cola is going to do it in a completely different way. You know, we all don't have enormous, unlimited budgets that we can do this.


[00:15:22.160] - Ben Baker

There's lots of technology out there where you can be able to do this simply. But think about it. The more content that you have, the more relevant content that you have that enables you to tell your story in a way that's authentic, that's real, and other people want to listen to, the better off you are as a company. 


[00:15:45.630] - Dustin Brackett

Yeah, absolutely. And I, I think it kind of comes back to, like one of our main priorities and our kind of main beliefs as a company is that we want to be helpful, right, in everything that we do, we want to provide value and and help someone. And so I think with a podcast like you, you just genuinely get that, right? You're able to actually share your expertise, share your experiences, you know, talk about some of the mistakes you made and maybe that helps somebody else avoid those. And I think there's just so much value that you can provide to such a wide audience by going through podcasting, because you don't get a lot of the, you don't get a lot of the same feel through a written piece of content, like you were saying, or a LinkedIn post.


[00:16:28.730] - Ben Baker

Right. Like you get to see on this podcast, we get to see Ben Baker's personality. We get to see what really sparks that passion and we get to hear your actual story from your mouth.


[00:16:40.740] - Ben Baker

Yeah, not only that is that during that period, I mean, we are in COVID-19. It is, you know, summer 2020. People are looking for ways to utilize their time, whether it's on walks, whether it's drives, whether it's whatever, they want to learn. You know, people want insight, they want inspiration. They want to think about things differently. They want to up their game. And podcasts are an amazing way of doing that because, you know, there's two different ways of looking at it.


[00:17:13.740] - Ben Baker

You know, there's 800,000 podcasts out there, give or take. The majority of people that run a podcast have under 10 episodes and it dies. And the reason for that is they don't have the systems in place. They don't have the processes in place. They don't have a media calendar in place in order to do it themselves. So it's challenging to do this yourself. But when you do it and you and you become a guest on somebody else's show, or if you're a larger company and you have us do a show customized for you, it makes it easier.


[00:17:49.310] - Ben Baker

And then you have stuff that people want to listen to, you know, and it allows you to tell your story in different ways to different people that they're going to hear it in your own voice. Because when you read an email, you see a tweet or a text or whatever, you're putting your own thought process in behind that, you know, you're interpreting what that person is actually saying. When you're hearing it from their own voice, now they're hearing it in a language that everybody understands the same way, the same thing.


[00:18:23.420] - Ben Baker

Because when you hear something, you can internalize it and then you can recall it and you can retell it.


[00:18:30.710] - Michael Thebeau

I think one of the big takeaways for me thus far - there is really two fold, like going back to Dustin's original question of why would I look towards podcasting to boost my marketing campaign? And there's been a couple of big points. I think one just in general, the technological world that we live in and the advancements we've seen, people are consuming information and data so differently. Now, podcasts are such a hot thing, whether it's a comedy podcast, or a crime podcast, or a business podcast.


[00:19:00.650] - Michael Thebeau

People are looking for podcasts to fill their time when they're cooking, or driving, or running, or whatever they're doing. And so people like doing business with who they can relate to, people that they like. And therefore, the podcast does show that, like you said, kind of a peek into the soul of either the business or the person, and they can relate to that. But beyond just, you know, that piece of it. As you've mentioned, this boosts so many other aspects of your marketing campaign, you mentioned the clipping to add to different social media networks, or for your team to send out in their email campaigns, or to share with prospects, to share with clients.


[00:19:38.050] - Michael Thebeau

And then you even mentioned transcriptions, right? All of that transcription can be added to boost your SEO, to boost your domain. Like there's so many pieces that just having a podcast isn't just a podcast. And I've got 30 people that are listening and it's not helping. So it's the old, what, a rising tide raises all boats. Absolutely. Along those lines. Absolutely. It helps so many different aspects of your actual marketing, and that's what's great about it.


[00:20:05.970] - Ben Baker

Well, it also builds trust. And that's that's the number one thing we want to think about, is that podcasts build trust, because we recommend and if you go on to the podcast host for hire website it's podcasthostforhire.com, there's a great video that we did with Darren Mitchell, who is the owner and CEO of Trout River Industries, they're a multinational company. And he tells a story of going to a sales meeting. And the guy that he's trying to sell to is staring at his phone and not looking up at him.


[00:20:44.160] - Ben Baker

And he says, well, if I do this, am I going to have trouble? No. Wait a second. Why are you not looking at me? Why are you not having eye contact? Because I'm watching your videos on my phone. So he had already decided that the person that he was either listening to the audio or watching the video, was far more important than the guy that was sitting across the table for him.


[00:21:07.620] - Ben Baker

And he was willing to trust that more than the person in front of him, even though it was the same person. It was him on the five inches of real estate. And so what it does is, is 24/7-365 while you're sleeping, you know, while you're on vacation, while you're on the phone, while you're with another customer, give you the opportunity to build trust with employees, with vendors, with clients, with strategic partners when you're not in the room.


[00:21:42.900] - Ben Baker

And that's powerful. 


[00:21:45.960] - Dustin Brackett

Yeah, I think that's a great point. So with some of the small or medium sized businesses that have never kind of gone into the podcasting world. Right. This is uncharted territory for them. What are some things or some tips that you can give to get started? How do they start taking those first steps because they're not going to be pros right away? Right. Like it's a progression. They've got to take some steps.


[00:22:12.360] - Dustin Brackett

But how do they get started?


[00:22:14.040] - Ben Baker

I think there's there's a couple of the first thing before you start your own podcast, guest on other people's podcasts, you know, the first thing I would say is you probably want to do 15 or 20 podcasts with different people before you even start your own, before you even start thinking about your own, because you're going to see the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are great podcasters out there. There are good podcasters out there.


[00:22:41.850] - Ben Baker

There's lousy podcasters out there. I just had somebody interview me. That was horrific. He was absolutely horrific. He was unprofessional. He was unprepared, you know, just seemed absolutely distracted and wanted to be anywhere other than on the mic and could care less about what I was talking about. He had his own agenda and that was it. And, you know, those are not the people you want to be around and those are not the people that you want to associate yourself with.


[00:23:12.450] - Ben Baker

When you do, go get on people's podcasts. You need to know why. Why? You know, first of all, how can I add value to this person's audience? These people have already built an audience. They've already got an audience. Who is their audience? And how can my message be modified to be able to be relevant to them? You know, if you're talking to, you know, contractors versus business people versus whoever, you need to sit there and say, first of all, is this the podcast I really want to be on? And second of all, if this is the podcast they want to be on, how do I speak in a language that's going to be relevant to them? You need to make sure that you have a way for people to get in touch with you afterwards, and you need to sit there and say, do I have a kit ready to give to this podcaster that has a short bio of me, an introduction, all my social media links, a decent headshot, maybe a corporate image, that they can turn around and use and be able to do that.


[00:24:16.460] - Ben Baker

And when that episode airs, you want to be there to be able to share it. So when they put out the episode, you want to make sure you as a guest are sharing it right along with them. Now, the challenge with most podcasts and most people don't realize this, is podcasters tend to be three, six, nine months in backlog. I'll record you in February, you may not come out till September. And that's a challenge, because if you need to make sure that your message is going to be out there and say when is this going to go out?


[00:24:52.690] - Ben Baker

Because you don't want to be talking about something that's relevant the next four weeks if your podcast is going to be out in six months or a year. So you need to make sure that your information is evergreen or if, you know that's going to be about this date that you're talking about an event that's going to be happening then. What we do is, our show is scheduled often enough that we schedule our guests to coincide with their launch dates.


[00:25:20.590] - Ben Baker

So if they have a new book, if they have a new program, if they have a new whatever, we'll work with them to be able to sit there and say, OK, you need to be on this date because we need four weeks to get the show out and let you know that within the next four weeks you're going to be out, you know, your show is going to be out. And that's why we do multiple shows a week.


[00:25:41.320] - Ben Baker

But those are those are the challenges and those are the things you need to be looking at. You know, how can I be relevant to the person's audience? First of all, is their audience of value to me? And if it is valuable to me, how can I communicate my message in a way that's going to be relevant to them? And how can I add value and how can I make that host look good?


[00:26:05.800] - Dustin Brackett

Yeah, and I think that's also a great point that, you know, with, before when we're getting ready for a podcast, we're talking to the guest or whatever.


[00:26:14.770] - Dustin Brackett

And like one of the things that we've had guests come on and we've had episodes that we haven't aired because it just turns into a commercial. It turns into a sales pitch that I just, you know, you should buy from me, buy for me, buy for me. And there's no real value being transferred.


[00:26:32.260] - Dustin Brackett

The audience doesn't want to hear your sales pitch. They want to hear how they can start to move forward.


[00:26:39.370] - Ben Baker

Get a set of Ginsu knives, everybody gets a set of Ginsu knives if they call me today.


[00:26:46.030] - Dustin Brackett

And it's just one of those things that, like, you know, nobody wants to, nobody's going to turn on a podcast and get excited about listening to a podcast that's really a commercial. Exactly. You know, and I think that that's one of the things that a lot of businesses have to get out of that mindset. Right. They want to just sell, sell, sell, and they're not really providing any value. 


[00:27:06.970] - Ben Baker

Well, it's the difference between marketing and advertising.


[00:27:10.240] - Ben Baker

And most companies don't understand the difference between branding, advertising, and marketing. Branding is who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Marketing is putting yourself in the position that there's awareness of your brand. And when people need you, they know how to find you. Advertising is I have something to sell today - who needs it? And it's understanding that podcasting is marketing. It's not advertising. And having that marketing mindset of saying, I'm putting great content out there that is relevant, whether it's January or April or December.


[00:27:53.250] - Ben Baker

And people are going to grab it when they want it, how they need it, and if it moves them, if it's something that they find relevant, they know where to find you. And that's why you do it over and over and over and over and over again, because you provide different, new content that people can just sit there and say, oh, there's something new. I didn't know about that, about the company or that's something new about the company.


[00:28:19.290] - Ben Baker

Well, that's something new about the company. Oh, that's great. I didn't know that. I need that. Maybe I should make a phone call. And all of a sudden your marketing becomes an impetus for somebody, you know, to want to pick up the phone and email or whatever and get in touch with you. So people need to think of it that long, that long tail. And not that I'm going to sell something tomorrow.


[00:28:47.330] - Michael Thebeau

Right. Yeah I think it goes back to that whole building trust thing. You said most podcasts don't make it past 10. But once you keep going, right, you're building that trust, you're building that authority. You're just showing that you're an expert in this field and you know what you're talking about. And they may not need you after episode two or three or five or eight, but then you get to 12 and 13 and 14 and they're like, man, I really trust these guys.


[00:29:09.540] - Michael Thebeau

I like these guys. And going back to episode three, what they talked about, we do need that now. And I know it's a year later, but I can still call on these guys because I've stayed up with them. I trust them. I like what they have to say. And so you're just continually building that, like you said, kind of for the long game rather than the advertising. I need it and I need it now.


[00:29:28.530] - Ben Baker

And here's another thing to say. Your first 10 episodes, I don't care who you are, are going to be horrible when you compare it to your first. I mean, I don't know how many episodes you guys have done. I'm one hundred and sixty five or one hundred and seventy episodes in. I'm in my fourth year. If I go back to the first fifteen or twenty episodes I did, I kind of shake my head and go, yeah, yeah - I could have done much better with those. OK, I kind of wasted that guest. 


[00:29:57.750] - Michael Thebeau

But it's the polishing. It's fun part.


[00:29:58.830] - Ben Baker

It's a muscle and unless you're flexing it, unless you're using it, you're not going to go to the gym and lift four hundred pounds the first day. Exactly. You know, so take those first guess that are your buddies, that are your friends, that are people that know, like, and trust you and interview them.


[00:30:17.880] - Ben Baker

Make them shine. And then work on the, oh yeah, we'd really like to have these, these, and these people on the show. Make sure that you work out the kinks before you start bringing on people that don't know, like and trust you on the show.


[00:30:36.110] - Dustin Brackett

I think those are all really great points. You know, it's just one of those things that there's so many, there's so many distractions out there and there's so many opportunities for marketing. There's so many things that you hear that you have to do this, and you have to do this, and you have to do that. I think that podcasting is one of those things that either people don't feel like they have the expertise to do it or it just intimidates them. 


[00:31:01.240] - Ben Baker

It is intimidating.


[00:31:02.480] - Dustin Brackett

Yeah, yeah, it is for sure. And I mean, when we started ours, it was one of those things like, oh, crap, what if I what if I look stupid? What if I say something dumb? What if in our first episode Michael has terrible math?


[00:31:19.730] - Dustin Brackett

But, you know, it's one of those things that like once you get started, you get more comfortable as like you get more confident in what you're doing and the episodes just get better. I think this has been a great conversation. I think there's a lot of great info here that a business can start to understand. There is value in jumping on another podcast and starting our own podcast and then using that in a multitude of ways.


[00:31:46.940] - Dustin Brackett

Right. So the last kind of section of our podcast is How's the Buzz?


[00:31:54.590] - Ben Baker

The buzz is good, right. But, you know, I have been sneaking while you guys have been talking. So you haven't seen it, but, you know. 


[00:32:04.400] - Michael Thebeau

One of those swirly straws that goes all the way around? 


[00:32:06.680] - Ben Baker

Exactly. Taking it intravenously. We'll just say I'm taking it intravenously. We'll go with that. Either that or I'll just chugalug the whole thing when we're done.


[00:32:17.510] - Dustin Brackett

Right. We're expecting a shotgun right after. Exactly. 


[00:32:23.490] - Dustin Brackett

This is the first time I've had 1985. I'm actually in love. 


[00:32:27.320] - Michael Thebeau

I was legitimately sitting here thinking like I am going to have to pick up a six pack of this for the weekend.


[00:32:33.200] - Ben Baker

There is your advertising! Your advertising along with your long term marketing.


[00:32:38.180] - Dustin Brackett

Way to go. New Belgium.


[00:32:40.700] - Michael Thebeau

As far as beers we've drank on this podcast, this ranks near the top. 


[00:32:43.570] - Dustin Brackett

I think it's probably my favorite. Yeah. Yeah. 


[00:32:46.940] - Ben Baker

Well, there you go, because the sun's over the yardarm somewhere, you might as well, right? 


[00:32:51.560] - Dustin Brackett

Exactly right. You know what? If you're watching this podcast, I hope you're drinking along with us. So Ben, it's been so great having you on. Thank you for joining us. 


[00:33:02.190] - Ben Baker

My pleasure.


[00:33:03.140] - Dustin Brackett

And we'll have your contact information and everything down below. Be sure to reach out to Ben. If you have questions about a podcast. If you're ready to kind of get started in that direction, whether it's hosting your own and creating some sort of branded podcast, or you want to jump on Ben's podcast, or you want to even just understand where to start. I think Ben is a great resource for that. And like I said, reach out to him. Contact information will be below. Make sure to like and subscribe. Follow our podcast. And we'll have another episode for you in a couple of weeks.


[00:33:40.760] - Ben Baker

Guys, thanks for having me on the show. It was a lot of fun. 


[00:33:43.670] - Dustin Brackett

Absolutely. Thanks, Ben.


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