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Local Agency Creates Programs to Help Colorado SMBs with Q2 and Q3 Cash Flow

DENVER, June 26, 2020 — A Denver based-digital marketing agency is supporting small and medium businesses with two programs to address cash flow or labor decrease scenarios in response to the pandemic.

The Colorado Restaurant Association reported last month that only 15% of their members had received PPP loans and only 2% had been awarded EIDL loans. HIVE felt this would likely be the case early on and wanted to help. 

“As a small business ourselves we knew COVID restrictions were going to dramatically impact the local business community, especially our local service industries,” explained Dustin Brackett, CEO and Founder of HIVE Digital Strategy, about two programs they created to assist. 

HIVE created a gift certificate program in March and used its website, social media, email, and local network connections to invite local businesses to participate. They promoted the program in the same channels in order to collect and redistribute gift certificate funds to participating local companies each week. HIVE is covering any merchant processing fees for gift certificates purchased via its website. Participating local Colorado businesses have received weekly checks from HIVE since March for any certificates purchased in an effort to help the businesses pay bills now and stay afloat until they can get back to full-service offerings. 

Several HIVE clients were also directly and peripherally affected by COVID restrictions and disruptions including layoffs, furloughs, and many were losing clients. Brackett knew more help was needed to assist marketing teams even if staff and budgets had been reduced. They had also been in talks with HubSpot about any client contracts that would need to be reviewed and possibly need term alterations because of the pandemic impact. HIVE was prompted to create a Fill the Gap program to offer assistance for both strategy and implementation of marketing and sales tactics at discounted prices. To ensure it would help even after furloughs were exhausted, the purchased points never expire. 

“In such traumatic times, businesses should not have to decide between paying bills and sending out an email campaign. We believe in the hive mentality -- that everyone serves a crucial role. These are ways we can help use our expertise for the collective good,” said Brackett about both programs. 

HIVE Digital Strategy is a full-service Digital Inbound Marketing Agency in Denver, Colorado that has earned Platinum partner status with HubSpot as well as being named a Top Digital Agency three years running. HIVE partners with B2B, B2C, and Nonprofit clients to improve their digital strategy, execution, lead generation, and customer acquisition processes through digital marketing, digital design, marketing automation, and public relations initiatives. 

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Local Agency Creates Programs to Help Colorado SMBs with Q2 and Q3 Cash Flow #PressRelease


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