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The Power of High Value Content Offers

Everyone likes getting something for free and now is the time to give it to them. Like we've talked about in many of our blog posts including How to Use Calls-to-Action in Your Lead Nurturing Campaign, 8 Ideas to Generate More Leads Online Today, and 5 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Sucks; if you had the best website ever created, but didn't give your visitors a reason or a way to become a lead, you might as well not even have a website.

But, getting someone to become a lead isn't as easy as just having a form on your site. You've got to provide your visitors with an offer that they want to take advantage of.

During our time working with HubSpot as an Agency Partner, we have seen tremendous success for ourselves (yes, we drink our own inbound marketing "koolaid") as well as many clients and the key has been great high value content offers.

Whether it's an eBook, white paper, checklist, infographic, tool, or video, providing a resource that your target persona(s) will find useful is the key to growing your database with qualified leads.

For one of our clients, we've consistently had a 40-50% conversion rate on landing pages for two eBooks, and one for a checklist month to month. The average, across industries, is under 5%! [source]

The key to this success has been great content offers that their target personas are excited to download. Creating a plan based on the needs and interests of your target personas is vitally important to the success of your content.

Other tips to take into account:

• Match the value of your offer to the amount of information that you're requiring. Ex: Don't require a lot of information in your form for a piece of content that can be found elsewhere or for a piece of content that was easily created.

• Remove top navigation to eliminate distractions.

• Highlight EXACTLY what the offer includes. No one likes to feel ripped off.

• Deliver immediately. Once the form is filled out, deliver on the content offer immediately by redirecting your new lead to a Thank You Page.

• Understand where your persona is at in the buyer's journey.

EXPERT TIP: If you don't have time to build out a full eBook right now, Beacon.bycan be an incredible resource to turn some of your blog posts into a valuable eBook.

If you're tired of low converting landing pages or don't even have a lead capture strategy, chat with one of our Inbound Specialists today!

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