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Generating Leads Online: Why You Need High Value Content

While almost every website has a "Sign up for our Newsletter" form, how many leads are actually being generated from that form? If you're like most businesses, the answer is probably not many. Forms like that have a very low conversion rate. The trick to generating leads online is giving something in return. Very few businesses have the following and content to get a visitor so excited about their business to sign up for their newsletter with a simple form like that. For almost every business, a form like that is one of the lowest converting calls-to-action.

In order to gain information from your visitors, you need to offer something in return. That is where high value content offers come in. 

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The Anatomy of Writing Blogs to Generate Leads Online

Writing blogs is something that we preach about to all of our clients, but writing for the sake of writing isn't effective. It's also ineffective making mistakes with the content within your blog posts. In order to have a blog (and specific posts) that help you generate leads online, you've got to make sure that your blog posts are solid from top to bottom. 

What does that mean though? What items are you potentially missing when writing blogs? Let's take a look at the anatomy of an effective blog post and how each section should be done in order to get the SEO benefits of the post which will help you generate more leads!

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Now What? What To Do [and Not To Do] When You Generate Leads Online

So you've taken our previous posts like  Increase Your Leads Online Starting Today With These 5 Tips

8 Ideas to Generate More Leads Online Today and 10 Tips to Increasing Your Leads Online seriously and you've started generating leads online, but...now what?

You're not in business to generate leads online, you're in business to generate SALES! So, how do you go about turning those leads that you've generated online into actual paying customers? Let's take a look at four Do's and four Don'ts of lead nurturing to help you start closing more deals!

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5 Ways to Improve Your Fitness Marketing to Generate More Leads Online

You've got the equipment. You've got the experience and the team. You've got the education. But there is so much noise in the health and fitness industry that you're finding it nearly impossible to stand out. The number one issue for any fitness brand is lack of leads and being able to prove that they're different. It's time to improve your fitness marketing.

With so many false claims, hype, and unreasonable expectations set by poor marketing, it's become harder and harder to set yourself apart. So, how do you draw attention to your brand and generate new and more leads online? We've got five ways to do it...

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Increase Your Leads Online Starting Today With These 5 Tips

At HIVE, we strongly believe that your website should be your best salesman yet for many businesses, it's kind of an afterthought. Think about it - your website works 24/7, should always have the answer that someone is looking for, can provide pricing, fill your pipeline with leads, and maybe even close the sale. If you give your website all the tools that it needs, it can easily be your best salesman. And the best salesmen always generate leads. Today we're going to dive into 5 tips you can implement today to start generating more leads online by giving your website the tools it needs to do so!

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How to Use Calls-to-Action in Your Lead Nurturing Campaign

If you've been keeping up with the HIVE blog, you should know a little bit about lead nurturing by now. We've talked about what lead nurturing is and how crucial it is for moving potential customers through the sales cycle. We've also talked a little bit about how to use email workflows for lead nurturing and how they can help you close more customers.

But wait...I know what you might be thinking... "I totally understand that I need to be nurturing my leads in order to turn them into customers but how exactly do I get them to become leads in the first place??"

Great question! How do you take a stranger who has come to your site and convince them to give you some information (ideally an email address so you can use those workflows) so that they then become a lead and you can commence with your lead nurturing? This is where calls-to-action come into play. Ready to learn how to use calls-to-action for lead nurturing? Read on!

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8 Ideas to Generate More Leads Online Today

We all want our websites to work a little harder, to dig a little deeper, to simply generate more leads online. It's easier said than done and many businesses really struggle with generating those leads.

Your website is meant to be your hardest working and highest selling salesman. The thing is...it can't do it alone. It needs some help. Let's take a look at eight ideas that you can implement today to start generating more leads online.

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10 Tips to Increasing Your Leads Online

Every business has the goal of increasing leads and many are focused on increasing their leads online. But with all of the chatter out there, all the competition, all of the distraction, how can your business stand out to help you increase your online leads?

It's not an easy task, but by following our ten tips below, you can begin to increase your online leads and continue to grow your business. Whether you're a small 'mom & pop' or a larger corporation, these tips hold true. Let's get started!

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Lead Generation: Anatomy of a Landing Page

As my friend and colleague at HubSpot, Jacob Carlson (@jacobin617), would say, "Building a website and treating that as your marketing strategy is similar to a putting up a billboard in the desert." Building a website alone is NOT a marketing strategy. Just because you build it, doesn't mean they will come. And even if they do come, it can't be successful if it's not working to create new leads for your business.

In order to have an effective website, you need to give your visitors the ability to convert into a lead. To do that, you're going to need great content, great offers, and landing pages that encourage conversions.

Let's take a look at some of the elements you'll need in order to create an effective landing page...

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Inbound Marketing Services: Converting Visitors to Leads

If you read our last post about attracting new visitors to your site through inbound marketing services, this is the next step. 
Like we talked about, having traffic coming to your site is great, but it doesn't do you a whole lot of good if it is not "good" traffic and it does you no good if you have good traffic coming to your site, but you're not giving them the ability to become a lead. Here we will talk about the second step in HubSpot's Inbound Methodology - CONVERT.
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