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Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing: Understanding the Tactical Differences

There are hundreds of different marketing tactics and deciding which are best for your business can be completely overwhelming. But, despite the sheer number of tactics available to us as marketers, there are actually just two overall types of marketing. Makes life sound a little easier, right? The two different types of marketing are inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Let's take a look at the tactics that fall under each umbrella and when each type is most effective.

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How Marketing has Changed: Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

A lot has changed in the last few years...

We've all migrated from Myspace to Facebook (and several other networks), we started using our phones for literally everything, Mashable announced that the hipster beard is dead (RIP), and the landscape of marketing has shifted.

With the ability to tune out, skip, ignore, and avoid traditional advertising such as radio ads, television commercials, direct mail, and billboards, businesses have had to shift their focus to helping and targeting the people that actually want to hear from them. The old days of 'spray and pray' are coming to a close. Let's take a look at the transition...

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