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How to Do Your Own Keyword Research

If you have a website, then chances are you want to be found online with a simple Google search. Or perhaps you have a pay-per-click campaign and you want your ads to be shown over a competitor's. Either way, you'll need to know which keywords to target in order to optimize your organic search results or ad campaign.

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Organic vs Paid Social Media Posts

Social media is a great resource for all businesses because it allows them to not only get their messaging directly in front of their target market, but they're also able to engage with prospects and get immediate feedback. However, in today's social media landscape, a business page's organic posts are often overlooked or ignored due to the sheer amount of over saturation in a person's newsfeed. 

That being said, if you want to use social media posts as a catalyst for business growth, it's important to understand the differences between organic and boosted posts. 

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6 Pay-Per-Click Management Myths to Avoid

When you have a question, what do you do? You Google it.

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Small Business Marketing Strategy: Why PPC Can't Be Your Only Plan

Pay per click can be a very effective marketing tactic and it's one that we recommend to nearly all of our clients, but it simply cannot be your whole marketing plan. It can be enticing to think about leap frogging the rest of your competition to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo or to reach your target personas with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn ads, but planning on it being your long term solution is a mistake.
It can be very effective, but we are going to look at the reasons that it cannot be the only tactic that you're using to promote your small business. We've seen many fall into this trap and it never ends well.
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