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How To Get Found: Content Creation Services

We're not really into clichés at HIVE, but the saying, "Content is King" is absolutely true. 
With the ability to tune out intrusive ads (check out our previous blog post -  How Marketing has Changed: Inbound vs Outbound Marketing on the shift away from outbound advertising), shorter attention spans, and the demand for higher quality material, the need for great content has never been greater.
Wondering where to start your next marketing campaign or where to allocate your marketing budget? Here are 5 reasons why the only answer is CONTENT!
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Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media Marketing Services

It's almost Christmas and EVERY year I ask Santa for more hours in each day. EVERY year he lets me down. Dang it Santa! I've been really good this year! I swear! ;)
All we have is 24 hours in each day to be as productive as we possibly can...and you know...sleep and eat and stuff. It's human nature to think that we can handle everything that is thrown at us and to think that we don't need help, but the fact is, there's just not enough time to do it all. In order to be as productive and successful as we can, we all have to learn to prioritize and outsource things that we hate (we all have those tasks...stupid Quickbooks), spend too much time on (this is usually where social media marketing services fall), or we're just not good at. What can you outsource to be more productive and focused? I bet social media is at the top of the list.
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