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Contribute to the HIVE Digital Strategy Blog

Contribute to the HIVE Digital Strategy Blog

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the HIVE Digital Strategy blog. Our digital strategy blog exists to educate and inform businesses, marketing teams, and sales teams with topics including HubSpot, inbound marketing, sales, public relations, website development and design, and content marketing.

The purpose of our blog is to be helpful and educational to assist businesses in navigating the digital landscape in a transparent and honest way.

Our goal is to continue to position the HIVE Digital Strategy blog as a resource to grow any business.

The Details

You have a great idea, and we want to know about it!


In order to be considered to contribute to the HIVE Digital Strategy, please click the button at the bottom and please limit your pitch to no more than one paragraph including: 

  • A couple sentences about your topic
  • Your preferred format
  • Any resources/interviews that you plan to include
  • And a sentence about why this would benefit our readers
  • All blog posts must be 100% unique and may not be published anywhere else


We’re interested in topics that align with HIVE Digital Strategy's content areas, such as inbound marketing, HubSpot, content marketing, email marketing, blogging, social media, lead generation, public relations, sales enablement, website design and development, among others.

We’re interested in topics that are instructional and cater to a familiar to expert level audience (no 101 level content please).

We’re okay with posts that have similar content to other posts on the HIVE Blog, but not the same content. We’re excited to learn more about familiar topics, as well as topics not yet covered.

We are not interested in content that is self promotional or just focused on sending tons of backlinks to your website. Please limit backlinks to your website to a maximum of two.


Our readers prefer blog posts that are structured with subheadings, steps, and/or numbered lists for easy reading.

All posts should include a featured image with 700x400px dimensions.

HIVE blog posts should be at least 1,000 words in length.

Things to Know Before You Send Us Your Pitch

The blog post content you’ll be producing is exclusively for HIVE, and the copyright belongs to HIVE Digital Strategy after you submit it. This means you can link to the post, but you can’t reproduce it without written permission from HIVE Digital Strategy.

Content provided to the HIVE Blog cannot have been previously published (online or in print) any place other than a HIVE Digital Strategy publication.

Unless properly attributed, content for the HIVE Blog cannot be plagiarized from another person or publication (online or in print). Ideas and content must be original. 

If you submit a pitch to the HIVE Digital Strategy Blog, you are agreeing to these guidelines.

We’re excited to hear from you!


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